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About Us

Faroe Law was established in 2000 as a division of Dania Law A/S. In 2007, Eyðfinnur Jacobsen and Jens Wang, attorneys-at-law, became partners at the firm, and were joined by Óli M. Hansen in 2013.

Our philosophy is that all tasks must be solved in their business-related context and based on the client’s needs. The result is what matters to the client. If the task so requires, Faroe Law can be creative and we are not afraid of providing unconventional solutions. Furthermore, we have expertise in handling and solving matters outside the traditional legal area.

Faroe Law aims to be among the best within the business law areas that it primarily works with. This means that within some legal areas it might be necessary to implicate other advisers, which we will of course do. In other situations we will refer our clients to other advisers, in case the client, in this specific matter, is better served by the assistance of a third party. The overall objective is to provide the client with the most qualified service.

We are always prepared to assist out clients when and where it is required, even at short notice. However, if possible, we prefer to be involved in the process at an early stage. In our experience this gives Faroe Law the best opportunity to achieve first-rate results.

A properly defined assignment often provides half the solution. Therefore, for each individual client, we will arrange the best process to achieve a suitable solution, within the given context. In this way, our clients are guaranteed the best possible result in light of the circumstances.

Our client info can be found here.