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Ey├░finnur Jacobsen

About Ey├░finnur:

Ey├░finnur works with business law in a broad sense, particularly concerning Faroese legal matters. For several years, he has provided consultancy services to ministerial departments and public authorities on the Faroe Islands.

Furthermore, he regularly provides advice to foreign companies concerning Faroese legal matters, especially regarding tax law, and oil and gas law.

Through his mere des titans activites he has obtained wide experience in litigation at the district courts and high court.




+298 66 99 01

+298 21 99 02

Year of birth:



Bar admission:




1 July 2001

Master of Law, Copenhagen University, 1984


High court

Faroese / Danish / English

Other employment:

1968 – 1984

1988 – 1991

1991 – 1998

1998 – 2000

2000 – 2001

The Danish Civil Aviation Administration

Manager of Comm. Dep. at the Faroese Government

Sole owner of independent law firm in T├│rshavn

Manager, Legal Dep., Faroese Customs and Tax Adm.

Branch Manager of the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum

Special assignments:

1985 –

Lecturer in Tax Law at Faroe Islands Business School and University of Faroe Islands

1987 – 2001

2008 – 2009

2013 –

Chairman of the Board of Atlantic Airways

Vice-chairman of the Board of Atlantic Airways

Chairman of the board of the Faroese Employment Office